Working in Oregon and Washington for over twenty years
Licensed and Insured

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Steve Lattanzi

As a young boy I collected reptiles and insects wherever I could find them.  I remember excited neighborhood kids eagerly awaiting my return from trips knowing full well that I would bring back a menagerie of creatures to share with them.  And, share I did.  We would gather in my garage in Portland, Oregon and greedily stick our hands into my containers of living bounty.  Oh joy!  We were totally absorbed in a reptilian - insect frenzy!  Years passed and so did my friends as they grew up and found other interests, mostly sports and girls, but my passion for these creatures that I grew to love, did not wane.  Now, I share them with you.  Welcome to my reptile world!

 Zoo owner, wildlife educator.  Steve is a well traveled wildlife expert who specializes in studying exotic animals from around the world.  Steve's life long passion for animals, coupled with his enthusiasm for teaching, guarantees you the most thrilling wildlife experience you will ever have.  Steve's background includes herpetology, biology and entomology. Steve has worked with exotic wildlife for over 40 years.