Birthday Parties

LIVEN UP YOUR CHILD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH OUR CREATURE FEATURE REPTILE AND INSECT SHOW! Your child will be our primary focus as he or she shares fifteen kid friendly exotic reptiles and fascinating bugs with other party guests.  Our party presentations are not only fun, they're educational.  We share interesting facts about each and every snake, lizard, turtle and bug that pops out of it's little mobile home.  We also feature a reptile petting zoo and photo opportunities at the conclusion of every show.  Kids and adults alike will be captivated by what they see and learn during this exciting one hour reptile adventure.  Our goal is to make your child's birthday party their best ever!  Please click onto our testimonials page.  You will find a sampling of "thank you" cards from our hundreds of  happy clients.

Birthday party rates for 1 hour:    $210.00

  • No deposit necessary.
  • No group too large or too small.
  • Entertaining hundreds of happy little clients annually.
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Reptile Facts

Anacondas can hold their breath for up to one hour.  These giant reptiles accomplish this by decreasing their heart rate to three beats per minute.

Rattlesnakes shake their rattle fifty times per second by contracting opposing tail muscles simultaneously.

There are 2,701 species of snakes on our planet of which 401 are venomous.  Fortunately, only 200 of these posses venom potent enough to kill humans.

The common garter snake is on the venomous species list, but it's mild venom is only toxic to frogs and small invertebrates.

Tokey Geckos have over two million positively charged scales on the pads of their toes allowing them to stick to objects consisting of negatively charged molecules.

Alligator Snapping Turtles are the largest fresh water turtle.  Specimens can weigh in excess of 300 pounds.  This species uses it's tongue to imitate a tiny worm enticing fish to swim into its deadly jaws...SNAP!

The Giant African Emperor Scorpion has been featured in numerous film and TV productions.  Although menacing in appearance, it has a passive nature and mild venom.  This species is the only scorpion that peacefully cohabits with it's own kind.